Traditional Catholic Family Devastated By Tornado


What follows is an article from Dailymail about a family left devasted by a recent tornado that ripped through their home in Oklahoma. This morning search and rescue workers located their 3 year old son in a nearby lake--he is now in Heaven. They are a traditional Catholic Family who attend an FSSP parish. If you would like to send a kind note or a donation to the Hamil family here is their parish information:

The Hamil Family
C/O St. Damien of Molokai Catholic Church
Fr. Casavantes, FSSP
8455 NW 234th Street
Edmond, OK 73025

Dailymail: "As the devastating storms ripped their way through the Midwest, an Oklahoma mother did what she thought was best to keep her family safe.

Catherine Hamil, who is four months pregnant, sought refuge in the bath tub with her three young children in their Piedmont home as they waited for the raging tornado.

But as the devastating twister hit their rural house on Tuesday, 30 miles northwest of Oklahoma City, it became clear that no place was safe to hide as the family was torn apart.

Three-year-old Ryan has not been seen since he was torn from his mother’s arms.

His 15-month-old brother was killed and his pregnant mother and five-year old sister are in a critical condition in hospital.

The children's father, Hank, who runs a crop harvesting business, was away when the tornado hit, but has returned to Oklahoma to help with the frantic search for his three-year-old son.

Catherine, 36, is reported to have several broken bones, bruises and cuts. But doctors said they can still feel the heartbeat of her baby, which is due in October.

Rescuers were desperately searching for the missing toddler on Wednesday evening.

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Traditional marriage, which is essential for the survival of Western Civilization, is under assault not only from the secular pro-homosexual left but also from Islam. Here is a report on the spread of polygamy throughout Europe via Islam. Of course the multiculturalists tell us that all cultures and religions are equal--and none is superior to any other. We mustn't force our repressive and antiquated Christian-based ideas of marriage and family on immigrants. I guess many in Europe are willing to gamble on this faulty relativistic premise-- and even provide public assistance to support the polygamists.

Rome, 2 April
(AKI) - Polygamous marriages are illegal in Italy yet are reportedly on the rise. While few Muslim immigrants or Italian converts to Islam admit such unions, Muslim scholars put the number nationwide at 15,000-20,000, La Repubblica daily reports.

"There is no doubt that the phenomenon exists, and that the number of polygamous unions growing as the number of Muslim immigrants to Italy increases," the paper said, adding that there are also cases of polygamous Italian converts to Islam.

No official statistics have been gathered on polygamous marriages in Italy, and estimates vary wildly from hundreds to tens of thousands, according to the paper.

The Catholic charity Caritas estimates there are just over 1.2 million Muslim immigrants in Italy, approximately one-third of a total of over 3.6 million immigrants.

The Italian state does not issue family welfare cheques to more than one wife per husband, unlike in Britain, where


In an attempt to halt the demographic crisis that Germany is confronted with chancellor Angela Merkel's ruling coalition approved a plan to treble the number of nurseries for children from the current level of 250,000 to 750,000, by 2013. However, the German government failed to provide families equivalent economic incentives when the mother stays at home. The supporters of this plan to nationalize daycare prove themselves to be shameless socialists who are radically anti-family and anti-child.

Trebling the number of nurseries is supposed to...reverse a fertility rate of 1.3 children per woman - one of the lowest in Europe after Spain (1.3) and Poland (1.2), who scrape the bottom of the 2005 Eurostat survey. The French and Irish lead the field with 1.9 and over. 30% of married couples in Germany have no children...which is the highest percentage in the world.

So-called Super-mom, Ursula von der Leyen, Merkel's minister for family and youth, is a big proponent of the legislation. Ms von der Leyen is the mother of seven children--but she apparently has no problem handing her children over to the government to be raised while she pursues more important matters like the passage of nationalized daycare.

When an outgoing conservative minister, Edmund Stoiber, proposed that families where the mother stays at home receive economic incentives in the amount of 150 Euros monthly --Ursula the super-mom had this to say:

'This would only exacerbate the vicious circle in which children are confined to home, deprived of early training, linguistic improvement, exercise, and limits on television viewing,' said von der Leyen, vehemently criticising this suggestion in Die Welt at the end of July. 'Just so that their parents can add another 150