Culture, Christianity, Catholic Dogma & The Death Of The West

Culture, Christianity, Catholic Dogma & The Death Of The West

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Obama may be leading in the polls but the prayer of a rightous man availeth much. As sick and fatigued as I am at the the prospect of Obama becoming the president of the United States --we must persevere offering prayer and sacrifices.

Roger from New Zealand sent me an excellent link that provides a much needed plan of action to counter a potential victory by the anti-Christian and anti-life Obama-Biden ticket...

"Dear fellow Catholics,

Once again the world needs our urgent prayers!

One of the most widely anticipated American elections in history is less than three weeks away. With the Culture War in America at its fiercest, the battle to win over the people of America to the Pro-life Cause is even more urgent!

Whoever wins the US Presidency will have the power to appoint judges to the US Supreme Court. It was this court in 1973 which first ruled incorrectly that the American Constitution allows for abortions. The President will also have the power to write the budget and allocate more taxpayer money to abortion clinics, and also to resume the payments to the United Nations Population Fund which promotes abortion abroad.

What is more, a piece of legislation is in the works, called the Freedom of Choice Act. This law would remove all federal and state level restrictions on access to abortion. These include mandatory ultrasounds, partial-birth abortion bans, notification of parents, and right of medical professionals to refuse on conscience grounds. Barack Obama has promised to pass this law as well as to be a committed proponent of abortion.

John McCain and particularly his running mate Sarah Palin are committed pro-lifers and have promised to do what they can to restrict abortion. If Obama is elected, all of the work done by the pro-life movement over the last 30 years in America will be wiped out. What we need to do is pray for McCain and Palin’s success in the election on November 4!

In American elections each state is allocated a fixed number of ‘Electoral College Votes’, if you win a state you win all the votes. McCain and Palin need to win a majority of these to win the election. What can we do?

Adopt a state of the union and pray the pro-life candidates win there! Email us and we can put your name next to your chosen state. I suggest:

• Beginning Monday 27th October pray and fast for one week for the election success of the pro-life politicians McCain and Palin in your chosen state.

• Every Saturday at 12:30pm St Benedict’s. Worldwide rosary for the unborn.
We will unite our prayers with thousands worldwide who will pray for the unborn and the success of the pro-life cause.

• Prayer for the conversion of abortionists: Human Life International (HLI) in America has launched a campaign to ask St Michael for his assistance in defeating the forces evil and converting those who are enslaved to the abortion industry. Pray the St Michael prayer after Mass, and encourage others to do the same!

• Spread the word and this message: The best thing you can do is get your friends and family to pray for these intentions.

Thank you and God Bless