Culture, Christianity, Catholic Dogma & The Death Of The West

Culture, Christianity, Catholic Dogma & The Death Of The West

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A recent arrest of two homosexuals outside the Colosseum for publicly kissing prompted extensive protests. In response to the protests and to pander to homosexual constituents left-wing city council members declared a cobbled Roman street 'Gay Street'.

Two blocks of bars and restaurants leading up to the Colosseum will now be closed to traffic from 9pm to 2am, Thursday to Sunday, and officially designated as a recreation ground for Rome's homosexuals.

Rome's alderman for equal opportunities, Cecilia D'Elia, said: "We hope this street becomes a meeting place during the Roman summer, a place to promote culture, light-heartedness, solidarity."

At the street's inauguration three ministers from Italy's centre-left coalition, all from non-Catholic parties, rubbed shoulders with city dignitaries and leaders of the gay movement.

One business owner along the newly designated street was not so happy about the change:
"This is not a gay pizzeria, it is a Neapolitan pizzeria. I have nothing against gays," he said. "But most of them come to drink in the gay bars, not to eat pizza, and I've had some customers, families, that don't come any more because of the crowds of gays all over the street."

"This is a situation bordering on indecency," declared Fabrizio Mollicone, city councillor for the post-Fascist National Alliance, whose leader is Gianfranco Fini. "At night sexual acts are consummated on the tables of closed restaurants and even in the hallways of apartment buildings."
Excerpts from Euro2day

The embrace and acceptance of the of the homosexual lifestyle in the West can't but bring to mind the days of Sodom. The historian Flavius Josephus' recounts the atmosphere prior to the destruction of Sodom:

"Now, about this time the Sodomites, overwhelmingly proud of their numbers and the extent of their wealth, showed themselves insolent to men and impious to the divinity, insomuch that they no more remembered the benefits that they had received from him, hated foreigners and avoided any contact with others. Indignant at this conduct, God accordingly resolved to chastise them for their arrogance, and not only to uproot their city, but to blast their land so completely that it should yield neither plant nor fruit whatsoever from that time forward. -Jewish Antiquities 1:194-195

And Josephus recounts that when angels came to Sodom they did not find good men but were instead greeted by rapists and sodomists:

"And the angels came to the city of the Sodomites...when the Sodomites beheld the young men, who were outstanding in beauty of appearance and who had been received into Lots’s house, they set about to do violence and outrage to their youthful beauty....Therefore, God, indignant at their bold acts, struck them with blindness, so that they were unable to find the entrance into the house, and condemned the Sodomites to destruction of the whole population.Jewish Antiquities 1:199-202

Those who engage in, and approve of, sodomy are tempting God's hand to avenge such wicked deeds. Surely, Italy which has the lowest birth rate in Europe is beginning to see that their land is indeed threatened-- not only by their own suicidal extinction due to artificial birth control, and promotion of homosexuality, but also by an enemy invader who will chastise them for their apostasy and abandonment of God.