The self-loathing of those who have fallen away from the truth and have embraced moral and religious relativism is simply astounding...

From Dailymail: "A school told a child to remove a Christian cross she was wearing even though it lets Sikh children wear bangles as part of their religion.

Lauren Grimshaw-Brown was told to take off a necklace with a cross on it because of health and safety fears.

But the eight-year-old's furious mother has accused the school of double standards because they allow children following other faiths to wear jewellery on religious grounds.

The mother-of-two says Lauren and brother Callan, five, have always worn crosses at St Peter's CE School in Chorley, Lancashire.

'We're a Christian family and my children wear the necklaces underneath their tops,' she said.
'On Thursday Lauren was told by a teacher to take it off because apparently they're not allowed to wear jewellery.

'I could understand it if it was a fashion accessory or a High School Musical necklace, but it's part of our faith.'

Mrs Grimshaw-Brown complained directly to the headteacher, Helen Wright, who referred the matter to the school's chairman of governors, Father Atherton. He upheld the ban.

Mrs Grimshaw-Brown added: 'I received a letter in my child's reading folder. It said that if she had been a Sikh child she would be allowed to wear bangles because it's part of their religion.

'I've got absolutely no problem with any other religion wearing bangles or another item of jewellery, but why can't my daughter wear a necklace with a cross? It's a church-led school."


A Muslim sculptor has created a statue to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the birth of Protestant Reformer John Calvin which is entirely Islamic. The sculpture is ironic considering Calvin and the Reformers ultimately ushered in the relativism that has destroyed Europe's ability to discern good from evil and truth from a lie...

From EuropeNews: "DORDRECHT. There is opposition in Dordrecht to a sculpture that should be unveiled in July... The art work creates a link between Calvin and Islam, Reformatorisch Dagblad newspaper reported yesterday.

"Het Mekka van Calvijn" (Calvin's Mecca) is the name of the work created by the Moroccan artist Aziz Bekkaoui. It is a cube measuring 4 by 4 by 4 metres, consisting entirely of reflective glass. The cube apparently refers to the Kaaba, the sacred central building in the courtyard of the Great Mosque in the Islamic place of pilgrimage, Mecca in Saudi Arabia.

The controversial sculpture is intended for Het Hof, the square beside the historic Augustijnenkerk, in the centre of Dordrecht. Gert de Boon, verger of the church, submitted an objection to the artwork to the local authority yesterday. "Calvin had nothing to do with Mecca, and (...)"


Therefore, brethren, stand fast; and hold the traditions which you have learned, whether by word, or by our epistle. 2 Thessalonians 2:15

The longer a Tradition is present in the Church the more we are certain that it reflects the will of God. The Tridentine mass was developed organically over the centuries since the time of Christ and was codified by St. Pius V in the document "Quo Primum Tempore," for all eternity. We can be certain of its ability to communicate the faith, save souls and that it conforms to the will of God.

As shocking as it may be to the modern man--we are not free to devise our own relativistic and subjective worship. Such an idea is just as absurd and ridiculous as if you were invited into a stranger's home who then proceeded to tell
you what your favorite foods, drinks and music were. There are numerous biblical examples of God revealing strong preferences and highly specific methods of offering thanks, praise and sorrow for one's sins--the earliest account being that of Cain and Abel. Emotion driven, man-centered, "feel good" and trendy services do not conform to the will of God. We must seek God's will in all things and most importantly in our worship. This is why the willful suppression of Tradition and the Mass of the Ages by so-called shepherds was no less than the manifestation of the smoke of Satan within the Church, and the prelude to the Great Apostasy.

Here is An Open Letter to Progressivists and Modernists by Father João Batista de Almeida Prado Ferraz Costa as it appeared in the Remnant: "The work of the restoration of the Church carried out with wisdom and strength by the Holy Father has faced thousands of hindrances by the ignorant progressivists and the modernists proud of their pseudo-science. These men, who are enemies of all good, have done everything to prevent the canonical regularization of the Priestly Fraternity St. Pius X. For instance, the anarchist heretic Hans Küng not only criticized the Pope for approaching the traditionalists, but also incited the Austrian clergy and laypeople against the appointment of a certain auxiliary Bishop for a diocese in that country.
Full of hypocrisy and unhappy with the
decree of January 21, 2009, which makes the unfair excommunication dated 1988 null and void, the modernists, when making reference to the four bishops consecrated by Mons. Lefèbvre, say, in a pejorative tone, “the Lefebvrist bishops” or the “head of the Lefebvrists” or make comments such as "the Lefebvrists bishops may not celebrate Mass at Catholic churches.”
It is revolting to see so much hypocrisy. As we know, the progressivists profane and destroy our old churches, tear down altars and replace them with Lutheran tables in front of the tabernacle,
and lend holy places even to pagan rites (as occurred in Assisi). They make every kind of “communicatio in sacris”. All these sorts of things are allowed in their distorted minds. However, providing the “Lefebvrists” with an altar to say Mass in the Traditional Roman Rite is not possible. No, this is a mortal sin!
"You brood of vipers! The harlots go into the kingdom of God before you!"
You should know that the work founded by Mons. Lefebvre had all necessary canonical licenses. His seminary in Econe received a letter of praise
from the Sacred Congregation for Catholic Education, which was supported by one of the most respected theologians of the twentieth century, Charles Cardinal Journet. The canonical dissolution of the Priestly Fraternity Saint Pius X - if we can use the word canonical – was illegal. It did not comply with the rule set forth in law. Nullius juris. If the excommunication of the four bishops was revoked, with greater reason the approving acts relative to the foundation of the Priestly Fraternity Saint Pius X should be revalidated.
All this becomes much more evident
based upon the Holy Father’s letter presenting the motu proprio



The Protestant revolt against the Church was intended to reform and purify Christianity. However, from the recent marriage of two practicing homosexual Anglican priests, to the German Lutherans who are prepared to elect their first openly homosexual bishop--it has become clear that the Reformation has not only failed to purify Christianity, but has corrupted it so far that homosexuality is fast becoming a virtuous state of life in many protestant denominations.

A recent letter from Rt Rev Richard Chartres to Rev Martin Dudley who married the Anglican homosexual priests, reveals the extent that error is tolerated in the Church of England:
"There is of course a range of opinion on [homosexual practice] in the Church and, as you know, homophobia is not tolerated in the Diocese of London...The Archbishops have already issued a statement in which they say that “those clergy who disagree with the Church’s teaching are at liberty to seek to persuade others within the Church of the reasons why they believe, in the light of Scripture, tradition and reason that it should be changed."

The illogic of this position is beyond belief. It is a recipe for chaos and division which is the signature of Satan. But such a position is natural considering Martin Luther himself, paved the way for such error to take hold. What follows are excerpts of Luther's writing as compared to the Biblical Word of God.

On Sin

Christ: "Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are fornication . . . murder . . . and suchlike. And concerning these I warn you, they who do such things will not attain the Kingdom of God" (Galatians 5:19-21).

Luther: "Sin boldly but believe more



"This is holy Church, the one Church, the true Church, the Catholic Church, fighting against all heresies; she can fight but she cannot be conquered. All heresies are expelled from her as if they were dead branches pruned from the vine; she herself however remains fixed in her root, in her vine, in her charity. The gates of hell shall not prevail against her." St Augustine (4th cent)

I wonder what would have happened to this man had he condemned Mohammed as a messenger of Satan?

FROM INDEPENDENT.IE "An unholy row on yesterday's 'Joe Duffy show' began innocently enough, when the chief aide to Nigel Dodds, the North's Enterprise Minister, voiced his objections to the sale of Catholic rosary beads inside St Patrick's [Anglican] Cathedral, in Dublin.

"Wallace Thompson challenged the Anglican Dean of St Patrick's, Dr Robert MacCarthy, for selling rosaries not sanctioned in Holy Scripture, in the cathedral gift shop.

"The Dean explained that the beads were sold because the shop attracted visitors of all denominations, and revenue from the sales helped finance the cathedral's upkeep.

"During an hour-long phone-in, Mr Thompson castigated