Culture, Christianity, Catholic Dogma & The Death Of The West

Culture, Christianity, Catholic Dogma & The Death Of The West

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St. John Chrysostom said "There is nothing worse than blasphemy". The truth of his statement is evident in the following story.

From "Two local billboards that are part of a broad ad campaign aimed at showing Biblical support for homosexuality were hit over the weekend by spray-paint-wielding vandals

"Starting last week, the national gay advocacy group Faith in America leased space on 22 billboards around Indianapolis to spread messages like
“Jesus affirmed a gay couple” and “Jesus said some people are born gay.” It corresponds with 1,000 yard signs carrying similar messages that were sponsored by the Jesus Metropolitan Community Church, an Indianapolis church that teaches God’s acceptance of homosexuality.

"Rev. Jeff Miner, the church’s pastor, said the two billboards were defaced over the weekend.

"A billboard on Kentucky Avenue carried the original message
“The early church welcomed a gay man” but had the word “man” sprayed with black paint, Miner said. It has been repaired. Another at 10th Street and Mitthoeffer Road had the words “Lie, lie, lie” spray painted in red over the original message “Jesus affirmed a gay couple.”

“I think it shows the lengths some people will go to suppress ideas rather than have a dialogue,” Miner said.

"Several church leaders in the city say the ad campaign is built on false statements and distorted readings of scripture. But Rev. Andy Hunt of Body of Christ Community Church said vandalism is always a wrong response.

“It ignites passions whenever someone brings a lie against the god you worship,” Hunt said. “But we can’t go down to their level.”