Culture, Christianity, Catholic Dogma & The Death Of The West

Culture, Christianity, Catholic Dogma & The Death Of The West

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The chokehold of relativism on our society has led us to a point where Islam and Christianity are seen as equal by Western governments, despite the fact that our civilization was founded upon Christianity.

German Cardinal Karl Lehmann,
head of the German conference of bishops, recently expressed concern about all faiths being treated equally regardless of the size of their flock and their history.

"The neutrality of the state regarding individual religions must not be confused with indifference and uncritical tolerance toward the impact of religions on society".

There are those that agreed with Cardinal Lehmann's arguments:

"Ronald Pofalla, the general secretary of Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservative Christian Democratic Union party, said Lehmann was right to say Islam could not be afforded the same legal standing in Germany as Christianity.

"Unlike Christianity, Islam is not in Europe's cultural centre and is not reflected in everyday life in the same way," Pofalla said in a statement.

The irony of this seemingly benevolent uncritical tolerance toward religion is that it is ultimately destructive to Christianity. It relegates Christianity to the same status as the heretical newcomer despite the indispensible impact Christianity has had on the formation of Western Civilization.

Needless to say, there are many who disagree with Cardinal Lehmann--but with tolerant friends like these who needs enemies:

German MPs...blasted Lehmann's statements, saying they were stirring social unrest.

Lale Akgün, a Social Democratic parliamentarian in charge of Islam issues, said Lehmann's statements were unrealistic and explosive. "Whoever says that Islam cannot be put on an equal legal footing (as other religions) is stoking social unrest," said Akgun.

The leader of the Green party's parliamentary group, Volker Beck, said Germany's constitution required Islam be treated the same as Christianity.

"The Cardinal is wrong if he concludes that Europe's or Germany's undoubtedly Christian character infers a legal discrimination of other religious communities," Deutsche Welle quoted him as saying.

What has brought us to this place where Christianity is relegated to the same status as a dangerous and deadly heresy? And what has brought us to a place where one is accused of causing "social unrest" by the mere suggestion that Christianity and Islam should not share the same status in the Western world? Can you imagine the leaders of a historically Islamic nation elevating Christianity to an equal status with Islam in response to Christian immigration? The notion is absurd.

It is of course the spirit of the anti-Christ which in the name of equality, nuetrality, and tolerance seeks to stomp out the true Faith. Relativism continues to prove itself to be a very powerful tool for the destruction of Western civilization and the breakdown of Christianity. The creed of the secular left requires truth be subjugated to equality and tolerance. No religion should be viewed as superior to any other--all should be regarded as equal. Thus in order to vanquish jihad all religion must be vanquished. To prevent the Islamization of Europe, the hajib or the veil must be banned along with the crucifix and chastity rings. Further, those that espouse the fundamentals of Christianity are seen as equally destructive, and dangerous as Islamic fundamentalists.

I suppose we cannot expect those who are ignorant of history, or those who have abandoned the Faith to be grateful for our Christian heritage. But there is no excuse for those who possess the Faith to watch in silence while all that was gained by the courageous Catholic missionaries and martyrs is lost.

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