Culture, Christianity, Catholic Dogma & The Death Of The West

Culture, Christianity, Catholic Dogma & The Death Of The West

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I came across this article written by a homosexual at gaydarnation. It is highly critical of the fascist character that is developing in the homosexual world.

Here is an excerpt --
"Mein Camp: Is Modern Gay Life Fascist?"

"Consider the gay-is-good-is-happy mantra that suspends all critical thought, numbing all detraction, the unspoken aspersion that the hurtful oppressive heterosexist majority is, by comparison, ugly of body and soul, now justly banished from the glorious gay life it can only wistfully watch a-tip-toe over the gay ghetto wall, the assertion that any alternative or private 'self-loathing' queers who don’t conform must likewise be mere shadows."

"Surely, coming out means coming home: to a better world of spandex and uniform bliss...Prides bigger each year as gay hits vogue and...[we] have at last broken free of the shackles of mere procreation to devote all our energies to the narcissistic fetishism of our own supreme masculinity and almost mystical, classical quest for botoxed youth."

"It would all be so easy to satirise if mainstream media weren’t too scared of being labelled homophobic, and if the gay media themselves weren’t broadly in collusion."

Yet it’s both alarming and amusing to predict where this seemingly incessant and increasingly hysterical, senseless march will lead...Buggered be the blacks, women, disabled, over forties and the poor! Glory be the rich, white, gorgeous boy-babe sons of Kylie, so lucky-lucky-lucky to be born so wonderfully gay!

And at the end of the day - beyond the rainbow - as we all peel off our stylish, discreetly-branded shirts to flex manly pecs in a sea of clones, do we - gays above all - really lack the sense of irony to see how unfree we are, a tribe in fetters now largely of our own making?"

"True: no Great Gay Demagogue to bow down to. Rather: an imaginary Leviathan...It’s an inner phallic totem, built upon poor self-esteem, which we all bow down to with as much vigour as if there really were some awesome booted homo hunk cracking a whip down Queer Street. We’re all privately submitting to little inner dictatorial demons of our own joint makings."

Now if the modern "enlightened" world would only recognize that what they commonly refer to as "self-esteem" derives from our relationship to God and whether or not we obey His commands which are written on our hearts, rather than how we view ourselves. Satan wants us to believe that self-esteem is something we can improve through pride in our sins rather than through humility and repentance.