Culture, Christianity, Catholic Dogma & The Death Of The West

Culture, Christianity, Catholic Dogma & The Death Of The West

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Separation of church and state is the constant cry from secularists. But this will never suffice. What secularists truly seek is the subjection of Church to the State in all things. It won't be long before the denial of sacraments to certain persons will be seen as a violation of civil rights and tantamount to hate.

This scenario is not a false alarm, but is very real and was predicted by Pope St. Pius X in 1907:

"[I]t is not enough for the modernist school that the State should be separated from the Church...the Church must be subject to the State. This, indeed, modernists may not yet say openly but they are forced by the logic of their position to admit it. For granted the principle that in temporal matters the State possesses the sole power, it will follow that when the believer, not satisfied with merely internal acts of religion, proceeds to external acts --such for instance as the reception or administration of the of the Sacraments --these will fall under the control of the State. What will then become of ecclesiastical authority, which can only be exercised by external acts? Obviously it will be completely under the dominion of the State." Pascendi Gregis

The domination of the State over religion has begun and can be seen in the following: Pharmacists and Catholic hospitals in many states no longer have the right to refuse to dispense abortion drugs based upon conscience. Landlords have no right to refuse tenancy to those who live a lifestyle that violates the landlord's beliefs or principles. Religious employers must provide birth control coverage for its employees. Some Western countries are now prosecuting those who interpret the bible in a "hateful" manner so as to offend homosexuals.

All of these laws have in common the aim to protect sin in the name of civil rights--whether that be the "right" to kill one's child or the "right" to fornicate or sodomize. The right to sin now trumps the constitutionally mandated right to the free exercise of one's religion. Today the state has a complete disregard for the spiritual good of its citizenry let alone their eternal souls. Rather than acknowledging that the domain of spiritual matters belongs to religion--the Church is instead not only silenced, but is also made to participate in the corruption of the people. In reality there is no true separation of church and state in the West, instead the Church has been amputated from any influence on the world and is becoming dominated.

"[I]t is a sin for the State not to have care for religion as a something beyond its scope, or as of no practical benefit; or out of many forms of religion to adopt that one which chimes in with the fancy; for we are bound absolutely to worship God in that way which He has shown to be His will. All who rule, therefore, would hold in honor the holy name of God, and one of their chief duties must be to favor religion, to protect it, to shield it under the credit and sanction of the laws, and neither to organize nor enact any measure that may compromise its safety. This is the bounden duty of rulers to the people over whom they rule." Immortale Dei, Pope Leo XIII

Is it beyond reason to imagine that with the seemingly inevitable acceptance of homosexual "marriage" that the denial of the sacrament of holy matrimony could amount to a denial of civil rights or even a crime by the Church?