Culture, Christianity, Catholic Dogma & The Death Of The West

Culture, Christianity, Catholic Dogma & The Death Of The West

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The U.K. Law Commission has recommended giving divorce-style settlement rights to cohabitating couples who split up. The decision was necessitated by the fact that more couples than ever are choosing not to marry.

"Marriage-lite" would apply to couples who have cohabited for at least two years or who have a child together. Couples could choose to opt out of the scheme. Upon splitting up, cohabiting couples would be liable for financial payments and maintenance, similar but not as extensive to divorce settlements.

There are a few who see the light on "marriage-lite":

"A plan to give cohabiting couples greater legal rights is likely to wreck the sanctity of marriage, a Sussex MP has said."

"...MP Nick Herbert said the new "financial remedies" for couples who part company would result in a form of "marriage lite" and serve only to undermine marriage."

"Our concern is that creating new rights for cohabitants in an attempt to ensure fairness - "marriage lite" - could undermine the institution which gives children the most stability.

A representative from the Law Commission stated: "We do not accept the argument that such reform would undermine marriage."

Well--if one does not
accept that "marriage-lite" undermines traditional marriage --does that make it so? This kind of illogic reveals the inability to separate perception from reality. I wish that I could state that I do not accept that the West is further destroying traditional marriage and its very own future if it enacts "marriage-lite"-- but reality prevents me from making such a futile pronouncement.