Culture, Christianity, Catholic Dogma & The Death Of The West

Culture, Christianity, Catholic Dogma & The Death Of The West

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Earlier this week Dutch counter terrorism chief Tjibbe Joustra told a newspaper that he has "mixed feelings" about bold remarks on Islam.

"Radical remarks may push people who are already on the verge of using violence, over the edge," he said according to the report in reference to statements by opinion leaders like the liberal-right Freedom Party (PVV) leader Geert Wilders and Islam critic Ehsan Jami.

In response to the Joustra's dhimmi remarks, politician Geert Wilders and Ehsan Jami, founder of the Committee for ex-Muslims, took out a full page ad in a newspaper Wednesday harshly condemning Joustra's position as an attempt to silence the truth about Islam. Wilders and Jami warned against what they see as an attempt by Islam to conquer the world. They compared the Prophet Mohammed to Adolf Hitler.

"We consider that Joustra should catch terrorists instead of trying to muzzle politicians," according to Wilders and Jami. "His remarks are inappropriate for this reason alone. But we also wonder whether what Joustra claims is actually true. (...) Does Joustra really think that religious maniacs who want to use violence to please Allah need Jami or Wilders as an extra spur to move into action? Or do his remarks indicate a lack of knowledge of radical Islam that does not suit a top anti-terrorism official of his calibre?"

Wilders and Jami referred to the 1960s and 1970s, when
"Christianity and Jesus Christ were heavily insulted and criticised" in the Netherlands. (...) Did Christians then commit violence en masse? (...) Of course not. Such processes are unique to the Islamic ideology of hatred, violence and intolerance."

"Fortunately, not all Muslims are violent," the two add. "Our criticism is aimed at the violence of Islam, the Koran and the traditions about the Prophet Mohammed. Anyone who goes into the life story of the Prophet Mohammed will come to the same conclusion, namely that he was a cruel tyrant who was not tolerant towards women, homosexuals, apostates, and who publicly beheaded countless Jews. Would Joustra have knowledge of all this?"

"Strong criticism of Islam is needed," while "Joustra opts for politically correct cowardice and capitulation," according to Wilders and Jami. "If we do not take action now against the far-reaching Islamisation of the Netherlands, the '30s of the last century will make a comeback. Only then it was Hitler and now, Mohammed."

"Islam is an imperialist ideology that does not like discussion. Islam is out for absolute power and will for this, just like the barbarian Mohammed in Medina, use violence and murder. Until there is only Islam and nothing other than Islam. Until we are all living according to the rules of the Koran. But that moment of unfreedom must never come. That is why the truth must be told about Islam. That is why we must not keep silent. Joustra's statements are naive and highly dangerous for the Netherlands."

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