Culture, Christianity, Catholic Dogma & The Death Of The West

Culture, Christianity, Catholic Dogma & The Death Of The West

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Gene Robinson, the openly homosexual Episcopal bishop, recently testified before the New Hampshire Senate promoting homosexual civil unions. Robinson had the audacity to declare that homosexual civil unions do not impact families or religion. From Newsday

"What we seek in the civil realm is the equal treatment by the state government in supporting this development of our relationship with the legal, financial and societal underpinnings which are afforded married couples at the very moment they say 'I do,"' he said.

"Robinson suggested families would flourish under civil unions.

"This legislation simply has nothing do to with religious bodies and their affirmation or rejection of such unions in the civil realm," he said."

During his testimony he also stated:

"Would that we could get all heterosexual couples to take these commitments and responsibilities so seriously," he said.

So often the secular left, and those who have lost their faith, point to the failure of heterosexual marriage as an argument for the promotion of homosexual marriage, as if they are morally equivalent. The world has come to believe that the two are morally equivalent precisely because of the rampant use of artificial birth control in marriage.

From the standpoint of the secular left, a heterosexual marriage is indiscernible from a homosexual marriage, where the husband and wife choose not to procreate, and instead use artificial birth control. This moral equivocation is the natural and logical result of divorcing procreation from marriage.
Although it is extremely politically incorrect to assert-- the purpose of marriage is to have children and to increase and multiply the human race. Natural law dictates that only a man and woman can procreate. When we choose not to do so, we undermine and participate in the destruction of marriage.

"Marriage itself among all races is for the one purpose of procreating children, whatever will be their station and character afterward; marriage was instituted for this purpose, so that children might be born properly and decently."
St Augustine