Culture, Christianity, Catholic Dogma & The Death Of The West

Culture, Christianity, Catholic Dogma & The Death Of The West

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I transcribed an old tape I had from a talk given by the late Father John Hardon in 1999 from his Catholic nursing home in Detroit. Fr Hardon entitled his talk “Sexual Suicide”. He had the grace of detachment from this world that enabled him to truly see the realities of our times. He was a prophet.

“We begin then by asking this question --what is sexual suicide?...[It is] chaos introduced into one civilized nation after another.

Well then how do you define sexual suicide. Lets describe it as understood by those that recognize its terrifying and I mean terrifying implications. First sexual suicide is liberation of the human sexual powers. [This] has created a society that is positively hostile -- and I mean--hostile to the family and to the institution of marriage.

A society [infected by] sexual suicide fails to recognize the natural order of the male and female gender. God created two genders to cooperate with one another in the procreation of the human race... Sexual suicide is the final destination of the feminist movement.

Oh how few Americans realize what feminism really means. What feminism really means is...the breakdown of the family in such a way that what we call a family is meant for extinction.

Sexual suicide is the pollution of a culture by false ideas and misused technology. The result has been an erosion of true love and family life that reduces sex to a form of sexual massage.

Similarly sexual suicide is a widespread poison of radical feminism. I've been a priest now for 52 years. I have lived in an America that had not yet been poisoned by what we now call feminism. Now most of the countries of the Western world have been poisoned by feminism.

This began with the false idea that the family is a form of male domination. [This] idea was started by Karl Marx --back in the 19th century. I began reading Karl Marx when I was 14 years old. I read just about everything that not only Karl Marx published-- but all [that] the leading Marxists in the world have printed and published. According to the Marxists, feminism is the result of male domination.

Sexual suicide is masked under the name of women's liberation. It pretends to restore to women the rights they really have over men. As might be expected, the principle flaw of most of the literature of women's liberation is its gross underestimation of the real power of women....Hear it--women's liberation was invented by Karl Marx.

The principle of women's liberation was widely promoted by Lenin--who introduced communism in the Western world. And today, most of the once civilized world is dominated by Marxism --including --just for the record--our own beloved United States. The deepest conflict in the world today is not between the rich and the poor or the capitalists and labor, it is for Karl Marx the conflict between men and women. The great dream of Marx was to promote this conflict between the two genders and thus provide for the progress of human society.

Among the nations that have been deeply infected by this demonic lie-- the United States stands as a world leader. Believe me ...I am sharing with you a lifetime of study, teaching, preaching, and writing. The United States is deeply, profoundly Marxist.

Let’s examine what we mean by "what's going on in our society". Most Americans have no idea what is going on.

Mutual love between a monogamous male and female ha[s] been replaced with liberated sex...As a consequence, love in its form of blissful monogomy is becoming...increasingly elusive.

Sex, as a way to obtain physical pleasure is increasingly available. And this sexual pleasure has a form of “right” which every man and women nowadays has available. [they] speak of human rights as having no claim, no right, to deprive anyone of these pleasures. And to speak of a lifelong married partner is to still be living in a “dream world”. The physical and psychological consequences caused by this sexual freedom is seen as a health issue where treatment is expected from the healthcare and scientific community.

As a...solution we seek a break between sexual intercourse and reproduction. And our nation is dominated by this...demonic error. Our nation spends, and I am not exagerating, billions a year to break the relationship between sexual intercourse and reproduction.

The feminists, homosexuals, and pornographers have a powerful group in our nation. Ah, not only powerful [but] they are organized...organized by our government.
And the only organized effort in any country, including our own, to stem this monopoly of [immorality] the Roman Catholic Church. America the Catholic church is being opposed so strongly, so effectively that the churches in America are closing by the hundreds every year.

Once you practice sexual pleasure for its own purpose what happens? You break down, you tear apart, not only procreation --you break down the very concept of the family.

You already see the change in the conduct of men and women that is causing what we call suicidal disintegration. When sex is no longer associated with the affirmation of a [marital] relationship --the natural male sexual instinct is uncontrolled and the male will gravitate toward a series of sexual conquests of the next available female. The incentive to committment in marriage is lost. [This has] been lost by millions in what we call one developed nation after another. The man...will emerge as sexually impulsive and the desire for pleasure through pornography, through drugs, and if we still have it in our vocabulary-- crime.

Women in the modern world are faced with a cruel dilemma. They can either respond to the increasing abdication from civilized social and sexual pattterns by playing both the heroes of the job commitment and family responsibility...Do you know that in the United States most of the laboring force is women. And who controls the family and the marriage. It is feminist women. On these grounds family life disappears.
Or as so many women have done, they subject themselves to male sexual impulse, abandon their procreative impulse, and enjoy themselves with whoever is around. Women will have fewer and fewer children and one result is a fatherless child rearing system where you see an increasing crime rate and the abuse of women and children [that] no amount of social spending can resolve.

[W]e must conclude that sex between spouses, love for children, and the family, are indisputably...related.
There is no true love where marriage is not intended to procreate children. And the [notion of] family will remain in dictionaries --with the concept of a family as a stable society with a father, mother, and children is widely--I don’t just to say disappearing ---it has widely disappeared.

Oh how we desperately need the recovery-- the rediscovery of the family in our society. We need the conversion of not just the word “love” but the conversion of two people-- a husband and wife-- begetting children not only for time but for eternity. Except for true honest to God love --heaven would be empty--except for God and the angels.

There [is] inequality between the genders but [it is] meant by God to be complimentary. And the ultimate power lies with the women who teaches the man to become a full member of a family as a social entity.

How perverted American society has become.
[W]oman’s maternal sexuality is diminished, reducing her to the lowest form of male eroticism leaving her a man without the male physiology--a veritable female eunich. I am quoting from a standard work on the role of women in society. I wrote this manuscript --I don’t believe I have ever used it once in public.

The high divorce rate, the large number of fatherless childen, the number of broken homes, women required to compete in the job market are maintaining family responsibilites, not understanding these contradictions that cause us as a society to seek solutions that will put us further down the slippery slope of sexual suicide. What I am talking about is the survival of our nation as an even remotely Christian country.

My next section is how to stop sexual suicide.
There is only one remedy--it is the reversal of its cause. At root the cause of sexual suicide is the rejection of the basic moral principles taught by Jesus Christ and proclaimed by Christianity for...2000 years.

All of us-- all of us--all of us have been in greater or lesser measure infected by this virus.
Sexual pleasure is not an end in itself. The divinely ordained purpose is to foster the procreation of children and to sustain the mutual selfless love of husband and wife. Once you separate sexual pleasure from this two-fold purpose you are opening the door to sexual suicide.

We get some idea of how deeply infected-- even otherwise professed Catholics have become with this sexual indulgence. [After] Pope Paul IV published Humane Vitae in 1968, one conference of Bishops after another stood in judgment of the Pope. Fully one-half of the Church’s whole episcopate decided and said so in print, that the Pope’s teaching was out of date.

I seldom say this but now I must.
Pray, Pray, Pray for Bishops. The number of unfaithful bishops--unfaithful to the Vicar of Christ is past counting. The ground for the rejection of the Church’s teaching were the familiar ones--appealing to each persons own subjective conscience. The teachings of the Vicar of Christ are widely ignored.

[It is a] menacing error for those to exalt a human freedom which is separated from dependence on God. In other words, the modern world is frankly, openly atheistic. Each person’s conscience is given the status of a supreme tribunal of moral judgment. What you think should be done-- you do it-- and no law may contradict you. This is called the subjective conscience.

Here the subjective conscience becomes ruler in moral matters apart from the mind and the will of God. What happened to the conscience? The...conscience has become the final judge for each person of what is right or wrong, independent of the laws of God. Does this mean we do not have any true freedom? Ironically many who exalt human freedom at the expense of obedience to Gods laws, are the very ones who deny human freedom altogether."